I’m tired.  *eats vitamin C, banana, and Linus Pauling and finishes up with a serving of Gibbs*

Hey look, I just ate Gibbs. There goes Masterton. 

I hate looking up things and then punching them into the calculator.  [i.e. Dear Problem Set, you suck.]

Uh…Happy integral from 0 to 2 of [sqrt(4-x^2)–0.5x] day tomorrow. B/c it’s like pi minus one, which is 2.14, you know.

I suppose I should also celebrate my half-year anniversary with 89. It’s now my perpetual partner (scary stalker, feverent fan-..goy) in math/sci assessments. Really, truly unbelievable. I forgot to stick +C at the end of an indefinate integral. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 

I wish 89 were more romantic. Like 98, with whom I woefully parted after last year’s Chem final. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

*whine whine grumble grumble*

If I had a dollar every time someone gave me 60 cents, I’d be Canadian.

I think I hurt my right hip doing Yoga Stretches with Priscilla (the narden-esque old lady, in terms of body shape, though taller). It must’ve been that darned half angle stretch, or whatever it’s called. 

Me: Does an inflammed hip ever make your [hip parts] itch?
Dwee: No. Usually you get pain.
Me: Well, my [hip parts] itch. What do I have?
Dwee: Herpes.

On the topic of eating.

I have to write an essay about an interesting part of Costa Rican culture. After much rumination, I decided that the best topic would be on the region’s cuisine, ‘cuz food binds everyone but also reflects the cultural habits and climate specialties of a region, [[warm fuzzy UN happy stuff]], etc.

Trouble is, most sites say that Costa Ricans basically eat rice, beans, and fried starchy slices. …ehhhhhh. How am I supposed to write about that?

Maybe I’ll feign ignorance and talk about chinese food instead.