I’m tired.  *eats vitamin C, banana, and Linus Pauling and finishes up with a serving of Gibbs*

Hey look, I just ate Gibbs. There goes Masterton. 

I hate looking up things and then punching them into the calculator.  [i.e. Dear Problem Set, you suck.]

Uh…Happy integral from 0 to 2 of [sqrt(4-x^2)–0.5x] day tomorrow. B/c it’s like pi minus one, which is 2.14, you know.

I suppose I should also celebrate my half-year anniversary with 89. It’s now my perpetual partner (scary stalker, feverent fan-..goy) in math/sci assessments. Really, truly unbelievable. I forgot to stick +C at the end of an indefinate integral. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 

I wish 89 were more romantic. Like 98, with whom I woefully parted after last year’s Chem final. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

*whine whine grumble grumble*

If I had a dollar every time someone gave me 60 cents, I’d be Canadian.

I think I hurt my right hip doing Yoga Stretches with Priscilla (the narden-esque old lady, in terms of body shape, though taller). It must’ve been that darned half angle stretch, or whatever it’s called. 

Me: Does an inflammed hip ever make your [hip parts] itch?
Dwee: No. Usually you get pain.
Me: Well, my [hip parts] itch. What do I have?
Dwee: Herpes.

On the topic of eating.

I have to write an essay about an interesting part of Costa Rican culture. After much rumination, I decided that the best topic would be on the region’s cuisine, ‘cuz food binds everyone but also reflects the cultural habits and climate specialties of a region, [[warm fuzzy UN happy stuff]], etc.

Trouble is, most sites say that Costa Ricans basically eat rice, beans, and fried starchy slices. …ehhhhhh. How am I supposed to write about that?

Maybe I’ll feign ignorance and talk about chinese food instead.


10 thoughts on “

  1. Yum. Herpes.
    (It’s Monica, by the way.)
    But I do have a question. How do you get it so all the entries for one day (or quick updates, or whatever) all get smushed into one entry but with the updated time, like yours? What settings do you have for that?

  2. Hi Monica!! *waves*
    Actually, I’ve never really noticed that my entries do that; I sorta have always assumed that it was a default. Maybe it’s a difference in layout? I have Punquin Elegant.

  3. that is all they eat in costa rica.
    i’ve been there twice and the second time i was in this really rural village and i was like aHHH boring fooood
    no, some of ti was good. they drink weird juice that they make themselves from weird fruits. and they made their own sugar goop paste stuff from sugar cane themselves! but yeah.

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