Snoowowwwwwwdayyy. = time to do all the stuff I should’ve done during vacation but didn’t because I was either sick, lazy, or overly contemplative.

One thing I definitely didn’t do during vacation was start studying for Chem AP’s. Why? Because, by now, I’ve decided that every single chemistry exam consists of knowing well the stuff taught in class, and then blasted teaching yourself electrochemistry, acid-base, rudimentary organic stuff, and all those other chapters courses never ever get around to. Oh, and let’s not forget all those lab setups. Heavier than air (~29)? stick a tube into a bottle with a card over it. Lighter than air? stick a tube into a bottle over some water and make sure you read the barometer. Collecting some sort of reactive gas? stick a tube up a bottle.


And then, history. What did the first continental congress do? Plan the second one! After they discussed the intolerable acts, enumerated how those were a violation of their rights, and decided how to act as a cohesive group to regain those rights without even thinking about independence. Bllelaugh. Which nation was not part of the Iroquois Confederacy? The Anansi, because they were busy building adobe thingies in the southwest, not longhouses in the Northeast where they dazzled people with their Constitution.


And my C string has gone wonky.

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  1. I’m sure he will, at the end. If not, I can always go check out some kiddie book about the elements and read the chapter on that in the text.
    Thing is: we’re learning a very very math-oriented sort of chemistry, integrating all over the place; kids in Kansas might be learning more about how potassium permanganate is midnight purple, etc. Depends on the teacher, I suppose.

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