I think my Spanish writing skill has gone down ever since I discovered “lo” or “ello.” Those are the vague neutral “conceptural” pronouns, and I think they’re wrecking my writing. For one, I probably don’t have the seasoned discretion with them as I have of “what” or “this” in English. But before I became competent enough to use “this” and “what” in English, I avoided them. Probably that’s the best course of action for Spanish as well, since my other attempts to use juicy grammatical constructions already obfuscate my idiotically not-interesting ideas already.

I felt better yesterday, and now I’m feeling slightly sicker. Sleepier, I could say. More mucusy. Booooooooo.

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  1. i love “lo”, and use it rather often! except, i can never remember on which side it should go… “tengo lo” vs “lo tengo”, i guess. i think one’s used in literature, and the other’s used in speech… mebbe?
    btw, have you looked at the marrowstone application for this year? dios mio, it’s SO different! for example, “list the 5 most recent honors or awards you have recieved” or “5 most recent chamber works you’ve played”, or my personal favourite (NOT) “tell us about your musical goals/experience/education in 300 words or less”. how scary is that?

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