St. Petersburggg.


I couldn’t get the extra credit on the math exam today. Maddening–the process went fine, but I probably dropped a cosine somewhere along the yards of algebra.


Eisenhower sound like the most post-rectal president ever. Happy happy American Pagent likes to excuse him with a sympathetic explanation of his background, but zomg. The man’s like a Harding (in terms of letting McCarthy run the show) and McKinley (in terms of being racist and crowd-pleasing) that everyone liked.

Verdict: Disembowelment, then Harmy’s sausage-maker of doom.

[that’s slightly worse than just plain sausage-making, and slightly better than disembowelment+sausage-maker+pasta machine.]

On the topic of history, I finally got around to reading my in class essays. I read the (Mr.) Cliff(ord)-Comments nearly immediately and was all, “oh, that darn imported child from Ohio,” and stuffed it all away. Funny thing is that upon rereaading, I realized that I’ve forgotten most of the stuff I spewed down, already, but that I spewed up stuff beyond my own expectations. So weird!

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