1. The night before, an urgent “Wow, you have to bring your pass to school tomorrow, and it’s not in your bag” came upon me at 11:30, when I was already nested deep into my blankets. With no intention to lose precious body heat, I decided to do it this morning.

This morning: Hi, I’m morning. Right now, I’m 6:45, five minutes before the bus comes.
Harmy: aauauugughghhh. What was it that I wanted to do last night??
Pass: ME! Me!

*bus goes across street*

And with the speed of Hermes’s sandals (but wearing clunky boots), I flew down the hill to my bus. It..actually stopped when it saw me running–usually, the driver doesn’t because it throws off the meticulously calibrated bus schedule–possibly, due to CAPT’s wonky-factor, she didn’t care today.

2. Registered for AP’s (on the deadline, yes.)

Guidance Officer AP director: Wow, it seems as if you’re going to take quite a few.
Me: *nod*
GOAPD: You sure?
Ghost of ambitious AP-hungry Dr. Superintendent: YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, yes, you are sure, child.
Me: *nod*
GOAPD: It’s going to be a tough week–are you confident of doing well on all of them?
GoAAPHDr.S: ..doesssssn’t maaatterrr…mussssst inflaaaate aaaapppp regisssstrationnn…
Me: *nod*
GOAPD: Ok, then, I’m going to tear out this bottom half so that you attend this AP meeting…
Me: *nod*

3. Field Trip!!! (yay) We got there much too early, and, as a result, got Harry Potter Yale scarves. And I ate a scone. Then lots of people talked, they tried to feed us again, more people talked, and I blundered into eating a fried-dough wrap. It was rather oily and flavorless, save for the sundried tomatoes and the funny-looking hunk of cheese.


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  1. Haha–I guess they’ll have to be draped jauntily about the shoulders, perhaps tucked classily under the wide lapel of a felt coat. No skin contact for Harry Potter scarves, I guess.

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