I’ve been trying violas lately.

First one, from Audubon Strings (overpriced, I hear):

It’s louder, fits in my case, and reddish. Don’t think I can reach very far up the fingerboard on it.

Second one, from Shar via Jill:

It’s significantly louder than the first one, not very dark, fits in my case, and brownish. I definitely can reach rather far up it.

Third one, from some student via Jill:

It’s smaller, ergo not as loud but rather darker, and has a funny chinrest which I realized to be pretty comfortable once I’d figured out where my chin was supposed to go. I don’t think I’d want something that small (i.e. same size as my current one, 15 inches) when I am physically able to go bigger.

..and making orchestra recordings.

Is it possible to detect traces of recording-software in recordings? Like really fast passages that you can’t quite play clearly, so you record it at a reasonable speed and then use the “Change Tempo” function, and it returns to you, ridiculously clear AND fast?


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  1. overpriced violas?
    At Audubon Strings, we work to price our instruments at the best prices we can. However, this is not to say we don’t make errors. If there is something you’re interested, and feel it is overpriced, you are doing yourself and the string community at large, a disservice by not bringing your concerns to our attention.
    Audubon Strings, LLC

  2. viola
    At Audubon Strings, we try to keep our prices as low as we can.
    If you think the viola you tried is overpriced, you should bring it to our attention.
    Furthermore, if the sound is not as you like, the setup can be altered. This may bring about the characteristics you are looking for.
    We strive to provide string musicians the best service we can … we do this b/c we enjoy what we do and think we owe it to the community.

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