Hi, I’m harmy. I’m slightly sleep-deprived/jet-lagged (by an hour), and I am incompetent in rounding 7470 to the nearest hundred. I am also very lazy, and give up just because I can’t derive a formula to add things for me.

Hola, me llamo Harmy. No dormia bastante en las noches pasadas, y pienso que mi ciclo de dormir esta roto un poquito. No puedo hacer matematicas que cualquiera chiquita del tercero debe poder a hacer. [convulted. wow.] Soy perezosa, en que no sigo tratando en la adicion a menos que tenga una formula.

Dear Microsoft Excel:

Why have we not met earlier, before my sleepiness turned to franticness?

Dear Eisenhower:

How exactly did your foreign policy affect US policy today?

Dear troposphere:

Please, please dump 5 inches of snow on this blessed land c. 4:30 tomorrow morning. I promise, I’ll read a meteorology textbook from cover to cover, and never ask for another favor until …until you rain 20 inches on the Sahara.

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