More Apostrophe

Dear Wall Buddy:

You exist in my imagination. Therefore, I can customise you at my whim–my wish is your instant feature.

I want you to develop, this weekend, Hamlet Buddy with built-in NESC (name, explain, support, conclude), and Solution Buddy with “M vs. m” detector AND auto-molar mass calculator.

A “Let’s review Calculus” buddy would be nice too, if you’ve got the energy. That one has to include the “derivative vs. limit vs. antiderivative” detector.

There, I shall be completely sane this weekend. Thanks, Wall Buddy!


I tried singing and 12-bar blues today, with my untrained voice and a viola, plucked. The lyrics went something like this:

Mah truuck broke down, it broke down todaayyyyyy..
Mah truuuck broke down, it broke down todayyyyyy..
I can’t leave home, no’ahhhm herrre to stayyyyyy..

(I had been playing with the Hamtaro plushie, Hamham.)

Mah hamster died, it dieed todayyyyy…
Mah hamster died, it dieed awaayyyyy…
Mah hamster fried, turned criiisp as hayyyyyyyyy..

Dwee complained that it was all too tragic, so I put all the chords in major. Then I started walking the bass, albeit getting confused all the time. Yeah. Adventures in the nonclassical–this is such progress–my last foray (Faure!) was using Audacity to make a 12-tone canticle.

Ordinarily I’d Add My Own Cheer

Barista: Soy latte coming up.
Monotone man: Will you make it with holiday cheer?
Barista: Uh… Okay, sure.
Monotone man: I’m a little tired today.

–Starbucks, 114th & Broadway

via Overheard in New York, Mar 15, 2007


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