Si fuera acostumbrada a decir palabrotas, habria dicho mucho esa semana, la semana pasada, y diga la semana proxima, y quizas (ojala no) el semana despues de la proxima.

Se me olvido a escribir mi nombre sobre mi tarea de quimica, y estoy cabreada. (gracias a la BBC por ensenarme los malditos, en espanol) Pero parece que es la verdad que ya puedo trasladar, en Latin, porque podia trasladar una seccion casi completamente sin ayuda de una oracion de Cicero. Y sus oraciones…

En ingles:

If I were acustomed to swearing, I would have sworn a whole lot this week and last week and will probably swear a whole lot the next week, and the one after that. Murrrrliberessayyy.

I forgot to put my name on my problem set, and it p-o’s me. But it appears that I really can translate Latin, if it’s easy–and I’m focused enough. I actually managed to translate nearly a whole section of Cicero, and his sentences… [wordplay on sentence and oration–same word in spanish.]

Hehehe. I’m going to put it in french, and one’o ya’ll francophones can tell me how bad it is. If it’s really awful, the whole lot is welcome to moan about how the world hates French. (I think it might be pretty good, actually, because I plugged in the Spanish, which is closer in that they’re both Romance languages, and that I’ve kept to extremely standard speech–only one idiom and one semi-colloquialism [it’s documented on BBC, so it’s not exactly street slang], which is “dar palabrotas.” It means “to swear.”)

Si dehors habituée à dire palabrotas, habria propos beaucoup cette semaine, la semaine passée, et dise la prochaine semaine, et peut-être (ojala non) la semaine après ce qui est proche.

Je m’oublie écrire mon nom sur ma tâche de chimie, et suis cabreada. (grâce à la BBC pour ensenar me ce qui est malditos, dans espanol) Mais il paraît que c’est la vérité qui puis déjà transférer, en Latin, parce que podia transférer une section presque complètement sans aide d’un discours de Cicero. Et ses discours…

EDIT: I really should get back to practicing, but omg, mon nom is a palindrome! And if you say it with english pronunciation, that rhymes!


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