Is it ever acceptable to go 2-2-2? Ever? There’s a C-E-G on the A string, and it was my instinctive, “help, I can’t see the fingering written on the page so I’ll play it this way” fingering. I’m wondering because I’ve never seen such a fingering anywhere else, and can see how it would be a slurpy mess in a fast passage. Thing is, this is in the Rachmaninoff Vocalise, which needs a bit of syrup.

I went on the highway yesterday, with the assistance of paid-instructor buddy. Much assistance.

Ork festival was really fun today! Numbered comments below:

1. How. does. another. orchestra. have. 12. violists. Twelve!!! A dozen! Six stands, poking into the low brass. Peeking out from behind the cellos. All skilled enough such that the back stand uses their whole bow with bent pinky on the screwy part. They must be kidnapped, I say.

2. One of the conductors goes “shhhhh” and snaps, just like the sorta-inept strings teacher at school. hehehehe. sasquatch.

3. I enjoy trekking around New Haven with a (very light) instrument on my back, especially in a huge pack that threatens to obstruct traffic at any street crossing. [We crossed several streets and blocked many a row of cars.]

4. The bassist played a virtuosic bass elegy! That seems so contradictory, but it was cool.

5. Jung ho Pak says “Thank you so much”…a lot? Or rather, “so” in general. What an energetic guy.

6. I tried eating a sandwich in Woolsey hall during a performance of Beet 8. Ehhh–not a good etiquette moment, I guess.

7. Lovely how traditional music completely died in Asia to Mozart and Chopin. But learning about traditional Korean and Japanese music sure was cool–I was excited about how certain things (Janggu, Koto/gu zheng/gayageum) were hyper-tunable while others (the hangy-drum set) were utterly untuneable. Too bad language learning is so difficult.

Koto, the Japanese version of the gu zheng. The bridges move, and pushing down the string on the other side can change the pitch by a half or whole step. Such possiblities on it! It’s designed to be tuned infinite ways. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star seems to be a really popular piece for it.

The leather triangles on the side slide too, for tuning; the drumstick vaguely looks like a pastry brush.

The hangy-drumset was basically three of these drums. Cool stuff.


3 thoughts on “

  1. um, what was this ork festival?
    we never did any :(
    anyway, crazy shifts:
    1st movemnt of hindemith der schwanendreher: a a Bb F# D chord (g, d and a strings respectively), broken, so that the fingering is 1 2 on the Bb and F# and then 1 2 on the F# and D. crazy, huh? because then you have to play a F on the a string, so you have to be in 2nd position.
    the crazy 6ths part in first mvt of Walton: (these double stops are all D and A strings) F# and D, G# and E, A and F#. my fingering is 2 3, 1 2, 1 2. shift to third and then slide on those fingers up a position. fuuukked uppppppp

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