1. So much can be accomplished if things are made equal. *coughchemcough*

2. I am going to write a vignette (gotta love that confusing “gn” = “tilde n”) about birds, nests, and bake sales. It is going to have imagery and syntax that supports the author’s (mine) opinions on assimilation/immigration/etc. I shall do it when I finish the other 8 essays lined up ahead of me tonight, maybe at a more temperate time.

3. Dussek’s piano concerti are cool, mainly because they’re virtually unknown, and I have a shot at actually learning them. [i.e. doesn’t sound too hard, if some guy in 18xx could play it at 9. Actually, that’s a really bad criteron, to call what some people can play at 9 easy.] Ahh, the discovery that accepted mediocrity brings!


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