China, with an estimated 30 million piano students and 10 million violin students, is on an opposite trajectory.


“Every kid — you have 10 fingers, you were playing something at that time,” said Li-Kuo Chang, the Chinese-born assistant principal violist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Hehehe cool!


*immature giggles*

Orderly is not an adverb. It is an adjective that ends in -ly, like ugly. Would that magnet schools that devote half their wallspace to passing the CMT (and the other half to making their kids less morbidly obese) keep that in mind when designing signage!

Lunch staff should never have a catfight in front of children, be it genuine or in jest. [that sounds all chiasmic. but I bet it doesn’t count because “in jest” sounds like “ingest”]

Nor should they be hired if they cannot speak standard English; obviously, their linguistic deviations do not forge any connection to the kids if all they do is roar “DIDDAHH SAY YOU COULD TALK???” (after her catfight, which naturally energized the children during their head-on-table-no-whispering “quiet time.”) or make other equally arbitrary and callous judgements.

CMT, this is why you are failed. SAT, this is why you are nearly insurmountable. HUD, this is why you say that housing is unavailable.


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  1. li kuo!!!! 2 people from my studio are gonna study with him next year i think… 1 definitely, the other hasn’t heard back from everywhere yet.
    also, what are the cafeteria workers going to do if they don’t have their jobs anymore?

  2. Well, I suppose they could work more at their second job, which they seemed quite eager to go to when my class’s teacher arrived late to pick up the kids. Maybe the second job’s more fun than making sure a room full of energetic children don’t get hurt (plausible).

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