Pirates of the Caribbean memory thingies!

I think the concentration of snoggers (couples/L*atm) has risen somewhat. Like by selective precipitation vision or something. And all’uvasudden, the partial pressure of “zomg, X is going to bob around for some 3 hours in mutually uncomfortable clothing at a highly ceremonious yet meaningless thing” has risen too.

This is the stuff of which hermits are made! In fact, I think Thoreau got fed up not with taxes for wars/policies he didn’t support, but with springtime, when “a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

why are the unimportant presidents so much more fascinating than the..important ones on whom we have assessments?? eeeeeeee. ln(eeeeeeee)=8.

Applebees’s no longer has the Happy Harmy rating. They gave me a squishy strawberry with my tasteless chicken meat chunk on untoasted bun today, as well as crisp-deficient apples.


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