Accomplishments during Vacation:

1. I made a platypus appear on my calculator.
2. Realized the dire state of my AP exams. err yeah.
3. Ate a lot?

I have to say, numbers 1 and 3 were my favorites.


4 thoughts on “

  1. whoa now.
    number 1 – elaborate, please? do you mean you drew it on the calculator screen, or what? i’m very curious.
    (me too in regards to the second one … which exams are you taking?)

  2. The platypus was drawn on the calculator screen, but I definitely didn’t do the drawing. I downloaded a program so I could graph 3D (among other things) on my weeny TI-84, and the platypus was an easter egg. Yum. It’s a very cute and rotatable platypus too.
    As for the AP’s, it’s basically my regular subjects: Calc BC, Spanish Language, Chem, English Literature, and US History. It’s a bit like early finals, except you have to actually know the entire year’s information, whereas for finals, only the second half is tested. Especially history, which my school chose to spread over two years. We’re all forced to relearn all that stuff about GW, TJ, Millard Filmore, etc.
    Which ones are you taking?

  3. that’s really cool! i wish i knew how to get 3d platypuses (platypi?) on my calculator :)
    my goodness, you’re taking a lot of AP tests! i’m taking lang & comp and spanish language (which is supposed to be really hard! i don’t know if i’m ready..) but i also got credit for physics at the local community college through this weird program my school has, so i don’t have to take the test.

  4. Alas, community college credit! The physics exam looks beastly, with its two sections and all.
    I’ve heard similar things about the Spanish one! ay.. Y no hemos practicado nada, ni un ejercicio oral ni escrito. [<—error-riddled sentence, I'm sure]

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