O, mis piernas!
Subi la montana
Habria ido a romperlas!***
si no hubiera tenido la Ellen.

[O, my legs!
I went up the mountain.
I would have broken them
if I hadn’t had the Ellen.]

***This was the only word I could get to rhyme with “piernas.”

//another attempt//

O, mis piernas!
Despues de chocar
con muchas banderas
Anduvieron por el bosque
Los brazos dieron
abrazos a los arboles.

[O, my legs!
After bumping
into many flags
They walked through the woods
The arms hugged
the trees.]

//attempt number 3//

O, mis piernas!
No tienen alegria
Se pusieron
comieron sandia.

[O, my legs!
They were not happy
became weak. Then,
They ate watermelon.]

zomg, AP Calc was not good. [Hi Collegeboard! I’m being utterly vague here. Don’t worry, your questions are safe with me. Or at least I hope you agree that they’re safe with me and that you don’t cancel my scores. Or rather, maybe I should just post the first Calc BC Calculator-section multiple choice question right here (because I remember it) so that my score can be cancelled. But I won’t do that.]

Man, I sure hope the rest of the country’s bad enough at testing to make the curve work for me.

Speaking of curves, I want my equilibrium test back.

Ugh, curves. Vestiges of calculus. I’m such a loser for not learning formulas on my own. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. And to make it worse, I made a guess about a certain formula (actually, two) and I was just a tiny detail wrong–and there are NO sympathy points. Ay, me.

I used “hispanoparlantes” in my APSpangLang oral. Too bad I show no command of the language, whatesoever. “El primero vez…”

Time to plow under some Petrarchan sonnets, sow the seeds of nonsense, and then declare the AAA unconstitutional.

Wow, the beverage I purchased today, Jones Naturals Bananaberry, might just be a buffer. It has lactic acid and Vitamin E Ascorbate. Yay!

Differential equations, begone!

So if you had a sample of radioactive Harmytonium-126 and these conditions:

H(0)=300 moles
H(9)=150 moles
(where H(t)=how many moles of Harmytonium are left at time T)

Then you’d know that the rate was 8%?

Edit: Oh, never mind, the rule of 72 is for annual compounding/decaying. Apparently, for continuous decay/compounding, it’s the rule of 69. eh.

I get to choose between among:

The Cold War: A New History

The Historian

Trout: An Illustrated History

Universe in a Nutshell

Why Not?: How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big And Small

Why Not?: How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big And Small

Which one should I get??

Vote in comments!

In other spheres, I think I’ve actually hurt my wrist–my left wrist–not from practicing octaves, not from bad technique–but from colorguard. Except the injury occured when the pole hit my wrist after hitting the ground (i.e. the attempted move was unsuccessful.) Yeah. I hope the budget passed.

Hey, guess what? NO (Nitrogen Monoxide) dilates blood vessels, treating certain ailments, some embarassing, some rather life-threatening. It can be obtained by burning ammonia and oxygen together at really high temperatures with a bam bam bam of rhodium-platimum catalyst, and when you stick it in air, it turns into NO2. Bubble that through water and pour the liquid into some milk, and yellow stuff will come out.

Reading about smart people from days of yore is so fascinating. Reading their works is slightly less fascinating because I can’t understand much of it, but it makes up for that by sending shivers up the spine. (reading about their ideas sends significantly fewer shivers.)

By “smart people from days of yore,” I’m talking about chemical engineers and ..Luis de Gongora y Argote. Like Ostwald, who came up with the method for making Nitric acid. Who knows to use rhodium?? Or Frasch, whose crazy cylindrical system of extracting sulfur obtains samples of extraordinary purity. Gongora, of course, is simply incomprehensible to mine eyes but [insert something about satin or velvet and soul or tongue.]

Con todo esto, me siente como un imbecil, con mi calculadora llevando los programas para dibujar las curvas, lo que los genios de ayer hacia con “compass” y “straightedge.” (sorry, wordreference.com’s being deficient)