zomg, AP Calc was not good. [Hi Collegeboard! I’m being utterly vague here. Don’t worry, your questions are safe with me. Or at least I hope you agree that they’re safe with me and that you don’t cancel my scores. Or rather, maybe I should just post the first Calc BC Calculator-section multiple choice question right here (because I remember it) so that my score can be cancelled. But I won’t do that.]

Man, I sure hope the rest of the country’s bad enough at testing to make the curve work for me.

Speaking of curves, I want my equilibrium test back.

Ugh, curves. Vestiges of calculus. I’m such a loser for not learning formulas on my own. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. And to make it worse, I made a guess about a certain formula (actually, two) and I was just a tiny detail wrong–and there are NO sympathy points. Ay, me.

I used “hispanoparlantes” in my APSpangLang oral. Too bad I show no command of the language, whatesoever. “El primero vez…”

Time to plow under some Petrarchan sonnets, sow the seeds of nonsense, and then declare the AAA unconstitutional.


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  1. egads, you took calc BC!?!! i can’t even imagine doing that .. so kudos to you for just trying, even if you thought it didn’t go very well.
    yeah ap spanish lang was allright … i got really nervous during the simulated conversation part so i probably used tonnes of really intelligent-sounding grammar (NOT) argh.
    are you taking ap lang & comp?

  2. If you mean the AP English Lang/Comp, I’m not–I have Literature/Comp this year, and that one the next.
    For the simulated conversation, I think I misunderstood one line, because the person seemed to have said the same question the next line. That speaks volumes for my audio/aural comprehension skills, doesn’t it?
    Did you take APUSH?

  3. oh, our school does it the other way around (i’m not exactly sure of the difference between the two, besides that lit means more reading!)
    ahh me too! “the person” (can we call him eduardo?) said something like that during my test as well … ha i know. also, was it just me or did the people on the “radio” in the listening comprehension part talk REALLY quickly!?
    nope, i didn’t take it. for some reason i’m not really into history … a lot of my friends took it, though.

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