Harmonian Protocol for Standardized Tests:

1. Thou shalt wear long pants, easily removable shoes, short sleeves, and a sweatshirt, perhaps with a hood.

2. Thou shalt expect to wait until 9:00 to start, no matter how early thou werst told to arrive.

3. Thou shalt hydrate liberally though not excessively whenever possible.

4. Thou shalt utilize bathroom breaks.

5. Thou shalt wear a watch.

6. Thou shalt bring a non-salty, non-chewy, non-smelly snack. (which basically means peanut butter crackers.)

7. Thou shalt have more pencils than thou thinketh thou shalt need.

8. Thou shalt not butcher the Englishe Language as supra et infra.

9. Thou shalt ensure that no hangnails are on thy fingers.

10. Thou shalt take deep breaths.

3 thoughts on “

  1. I took the subject tests. Stupid math II went all “nyeah nyeah, you don’t know squat about Statistics, so I’m going to ask about standard deviation and box plots” on me, so now we’re in a fight.
    Did you take anything?

  2. i took literature and spanish. i think i did really good on the spanish, but for some reason, it was taking me a really long time to do the questions on the lit. oh well, i’ll probably have to redo that one.

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