I had the prettiest little titration curve on my chem test, and it made me lose a whole nine points. How can something that resembles a trail of ants across a picnic blanket score so low??

The fact that seniors can be exempt from finals makes me even less motivated in some of my classes. bleaurgh. But at least they can’t ruin the curve (which I desperately need) in classes where it exists, so I suppose that’s good.

Win: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDfn79oKkgs

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  1. I wish the seniors at my school got to miss finals =_=. That’d be something to look forward to.
    And awww my Hanukkah’s only level 100 too D:!!! I’m so jealous.

  2. I agree (in that being in a class with seniors, you feel less motivated). I take AP Environmental, and it seems like I’ll be the only one in the room come day of the final.

  3. Wow–yeah, you must be a tiny minority (as a junior) in that class! At least I’ve got 3 other juniors and some seniors (b/c the class makes a B somewhat challenging) in my Chem.
    Somewhat laughably, though: only one senior in Calc is guaranteed to be exempt (as of now) from finals. Poor seniors (or risable seniors).

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