..is trying to decide on a biography/autobiography to read for AP EngLang.

(is wikipedia-ing to her heart’s content)

Woah, Max Plank had perfect pitch, and apparently was a better pianist than I’ll ever be.

I’m thinking of doing a mad scientist or Ben Franklin.

Scientists’ online biographies, usually from encyclopaedias, tend to go as such:

“He was born, went to elementary school, went to college, graduated with a PhD at 19, and has perfect pitch. Then the Nazis invaded and he fled to America/Azerbajian. After he got a cushy professorship at [[prestigious university]] and discovered lots of cool stuff about the universe, he went fishing and died. Yay.”

Ben Franklin is simply perfect: his parents died by lightning, his brother treated him reel bad, he ran away, followed his little precepts, and founded a nation. He even wrote his own biography–how convenient is that!

Or maybe I should do a woman.

There’s always Marie Curie, who’s a little overdone as the “overcomer-sacrificer-girls’ rolemodel-WWI lifesaver;” there are also the wives of Henry VIII, who are interesting.

Ada Lovelace is my “ooo cool I wanna be lyke her.” Basically, she was born, her hippie-poet-nobility parents divorced, and her mother raised her. Her nanny translated Laplace’s stuff into English, and she met her mentor at a dinner party. Soon, she wrote an algorithm to compute Bernoulli numbers, and now the department of defense has a program named after her. No drama here.

Hildegard of Bingen is pretty cool too. Ms. Goetz agrees with me. She had migraines and never had an opportunity to learn latin fully; now, the New Age movement has hijacked her music. She did have her share of obstacles, but ehhhhhhhh…

Any ideas?