For some reason, her crayon artpieces really strike me. I’m not usually an art person, more of a “wow, the time period and sociopolitical influences under which this work was created is really cool” person, but those pieces make me wish that the images online would be bigger, so I could immerse myself more fully.

There is a squirrel on some gate in Yankee stadium. Apparently, it’s sat there the whole game and managed to not get blown off by a foul ball; amazing creatures, squirrel.

School tomorrow! Yay. Very mellow year, should be. (guffaw)

Woah my element comes from Paris’s old name!!

Like how Constantinople used to be Byzantium–

–Paris used to be Lutetia!

Lutetia means midwater-dwelling. Except I have no idea if dwelling is the participle or the noun.

Interesting events and learnings thus far:

King Alfred of Wessex can be considered the Father of the Royal Navy, building a fleet of longboats to fend off the dastardly Vikings.
Joan of Arc can be considered a Protestant and a Nationalist in the Reformation’s infancy and Feudalism’s middle age.
Cornwall–Wessex–Sussex–Kent; Wales–Mercia–East Anglia; Northumbria and pictish folk.

Harmy has started eating cheese, for its calcium, of course. Last weekend, she bought a package of 12 sticks of string cheese–low-moisture mozzerella. Alas, the first two sticks were swallowed plain, with ample water to dispatch the bland yet somewhat repugnant taste. But today, Harmy unleashed her creativity, crafting the pebble-toasted nutty-pizza sandwich.


  • 1 standard stick of cheese
  • 1 slice of dense, nutty bread
  • 3 slices of salty pepperoni


  • 1 bowl
  • 1 toaster oven
  • Some pebbles

How to make:

Slice slice of bread in half.
Peel cheese to cover bread.
Place pepperoni across cheesed bread.
Close the sandwich.
Put in toaster oven (350, because it’s ALWAYS 350) with some sort of wiry-grilly rack on top.
Put pebbles in bowl.
Put rack on sandwich.
Put bowl on rack.
Toast for a while.