Hey guys: send an email to this guy!

Jim Sabshin: cruff@ci.woodbridge.ct.us

Woodbridge is putting something useful and uncharred in place of the old firehouse. They want ideas.

MINE: Coffeeshop/Casual Restaurant! Food for the hungry and spirit for the community.

Dear Mr. Sabshin,

As a senior at Amity and resident of Orange, I believe that the former firehouse would be best used as a coffee shop or casual restaurant. Doing so provides a convenience for students and residents alike, and augments Woodbridge’s sense of community.

More than ever, Amity students are “working” 12, 13 hour days. How? Our new marching band program has practices from 6–8:30–if one is in Colorguard or Drumline, these practices are 2 or 3 times a week. However, marching band students are also involved in after school activities, some of which last until 4 o’clock. I personally live 20 minutes away–to drive home to stay for barely an hour is wasteful. Not a problem–we use those hours for homework.

But we are hungry! Lunch was at 11:15. By 5:30, our bodies need refueling, and some would prefer not to buy the sugared, packaged snacks from vending machines, or risk disciplinary action to heat up food from home in the microwaves, which are available only to faculty.

Replace marching band with orchestra rehearsal, replace it with adult ed. classes; the demand is huge. We would all love to have an inviting place to have some warm soup or buy a toasted sandwich near our school, to support a small business instead of Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

For the greater Woodbridge community, however, the benefit of a conveniently located coffeeshop or restaurant is equally significant. The town center is a precious gathering of community-minded people–parents who meet at the Library, politicians who spend hours in meetinghouses: why shouldn’t we have a place to meet informally, to solidify relationships, to nurture new ideas? Parents could meet at a coffeeshop or casual restaurant after PTA meetings or Back to School nights, whether it be Beecher’s or Amity’s. The added convenience and pleasure may even increase civic involvement: wherever people bond with one another, they bond with the community as well.

I shall graduate this June, and will work even longer days at an institution of higher learning. But my heart will always be with Amity, its students, and the surrounding community, and my mind knows that a coffeeshop or restaurant will bring the greatest joy to all.

Yours Truly,


Six engineers and six mathematicians are attending a conference and are traveling by train.
One by one, each of the engineers goes up to the ticket counter and buys a ticket to the conference. But only one of the mathematicians does. The engineers look puzzled and one of the mathematicians says, “Optimization.”

The twelve get on the same car and one mathematician stands at each end of the car. Now the engineers are really puzzled. After a while, the mathematician at one end, yells, “Conductor!” On that cue, all the mathematicians pile into the rest room and lock the door.

The conductor enters the car and announces, “Tickets, please. Tickets!” He passes the engineers and punches each of their tickets. At the end of the car, he notices the restroom is occupied and knocks on the door, “Ticket, please.”

The ticket slides out from under the door, he punches it and slides it back, then leaves the car and continues to the next car.

The engineers look at each other and decide how clever the mathematicians have been, and then wink at each other.

They all attend the conference and have a good time. Upon arriving at the train station, one engineer buys a ticket and they giggle at each other. The mathematicians do not buy any. This time again, the engineers look puzzled, and the same mathematician says, “Optimization.”

This time all the mathematicians sit down and the engineers have the lookouts. One engineer, peers down a couple of cars and shouts, “Conductor!” Immediately all the engineers pile into the rest room, while the mathematicians just sit there. Once the engineers are in the rest room, one of the mathematicians knocks on the door and says, “Ticket, please.” The ticket slides out under the door, the mathematician grabs it and along with the other mathematicians, runs to the other rest room and they lock themselves in.

From http://www.pen.k12.va.us/Div/Winchester/jhhs/math/humor/mthjokes.html