Charlie Brown’s playing Beethoven 7.2. (Easter Beagle didn’t come.) Amusement.

And when the Easter Beagle comes, they play Beethove 7.3! But the oboe bit’s on flute. And the dotted eigths/sixteenths are non-triplety.

I screwed up #2 on the AIME. Number 2! Two! 10! And on the whole, the test was really easy this yeah–I actually knew how to attempt the majority. Number two! wtfwtfwtfwtfwtf


So Bear Stearns bought a little too deeply into dangerous mortgages and tanked. In less than a week, shares went from $60 to $2.

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart puts it well:

“Let’s say you had 60 dollars. And then after a night out, you had enough only for subway fare home. Now take away the night out.”


I wrote a story about bears a few weeks ago!!

There was a time bomb involved! And people were powerless! People couldn’t predict it or do anything about it!

(although, it’s not a very good story, and not a usefully specific story, but in hindsight, it’s all..prophetic and Nostradamus-ish!)


Arthur is amazing.

In 23 minutes, it has exposed young children to Frank Gehry, Antoni Gaudi, the dialect of diners, and the methods of rigorous music.

However, the teacher, Dr. Fugue (who seems to have a Bachelors of Music from Yale), seems to expect perfect pitch from every member of his 9-person mixed chorus.

Goddamnit, I want teachers with light accents who demand perfection. In fact, if someone demanded perfect pitch of me, I bet I could do it.