Recommendations (written in my best mockery of education-ese)

EDIT: Yo, add some of your own! If you’d like.

1. Implement a “Take 5 (4?), Score avg of 3.5 (4?), Get rest free” program.

To decrease senior AP attrition. 
To increase senior AP-taking (maybe some kid will self-study micro/macro! omg!)
To encourage performance and participation in AP program.

2. Give students emails

To give students a professional email address, a leg up in job and college applications. 
To make students’ emails easily identifiable to teachers
To increase communications in clubs, directly increasing activity and participation

3. Increase communication in senior internship program:

a. Set mandatory reply date for directors 
To guarantee communication between director and student
To give ample time for student and site to communicate, thereby forging tighter relationships between Amity and business partners
To give students who have not been placed by the reply date time to initiate their own internship search

b. Make stronger recommendation that students take the initiative to find their own internship
To lessen load on directors, who work oh-so-hard already
To encourage students to develop skills in networking and self-promotion

4. Create a package of “How it’s done” checklists (i.e. fundraiser, facility-use forms)
To increase clubs’ activity by giving procedures for creating events (If club leadership knows the procedure for doing things, they’re more likely to follow through)

These packets may be distributed at a special activity session (2nd/4th week advisory period) for leaders who plan to have tables at club day.
5. Provide opt-in extra-curricular JAVA training
To make Amity students more competitive in job and college searches
To supplement traditional “1997” tech-competencies (because those don’t teach us much)
To increase participation in AP CompSci exam and CompSci olympiads