Academic Plan

Alas, classes and school and learning!

I thought I’d try to lay out my learning for the next 3.5 years.

Semester I: (Right now)
Computer Science 15 (Intro to Java)
Econ 11 (Econ is fun for everyone!)
Computing in Brains and Computers
Math 18 (Calc III for feeble folk)

Semester II:
Computer Science 16 (More Java)

I actually don’t need this course at all, but none of the other courses that I need to take are offered in the spring.

Econ 1130 (Microeconomics, with numbers!)
APMA 1650 (Probability: Please, please, please offer it!)

Econometrics is one of my required courses, and it either requires APMA1650 as a prerequisite, or Math1620, which has its own prerequisite child. I’d rather take it in one semester in a more hardcore-looking department, thanks.
Update: It’s offered! Yayyyyyyyyyyy. Me gusta la probabilidad. Es muy interesante, y espero que sea tanto facil como AP Stat.

Math 54 (Linear Algebra for the not-as-feeble.)

Semester III:
APMA 35 (Elephants, interest, half-lives, oh boy!)
Econ 1210 (Intermediate Macro. After this, I can take interesting courses!)
APMA 1660: More statistics?
[something relevant]

Semester IV:
APMA 36 (More elephants. Maybe even snails.)
[something relevant]

[And thence I give up, because then I can take all the interesting-sounding classes (and know more about what they mean and their relevance to what I want to do). I’ll probably also start picking classes by professor, too.]

Big list of electives:
1. Intro to Hebrew
2. Intro to Czech [I have terrible, horrible reasons for wanting to take this and (1).]
3. Intro to Sanskrit
4. Oh yeah…Chinese for weenies.
5. Musical Theater: Songwriting! (imagine the songs I’d write. You betcha that there will be chem jokes and a passage in latin. Maybe even a passacaglia if I can manage it.)
6. Intro to Linguistics (and if I take more programming classes, I can take Computational Linguistics. teehee.)
7. APMA 1200 – Operations Research: Probabilistic Models. This is really interesting to me because my mother has tried to qualitatively teach this to me for years. I assume that when I take this course, I will be able to load the dishwasher and pack suitcases as well as she does. I might even be able to fit things in the refrigerator.
8. Persuasive Communication (TSDA0220): You can’t sign up for this course. You have to persuade the instructor. (j/k)