Gettin’ some Canadians

O Canada, what can be a better time to visit you than on Independence Day weekend?

Indeed, I went with a bunch of interns whom I’d never met before the trip, and it was awesome. The PM of the group naturally took charge of organization, so really, all I had to do was sit in the car, suggest places to go, and be chaperoned/guided whenever necessary.

Expenditures (because I think it is amusing):

$60: Lodging
$20: Gas
$80 (Canadian): Food, transport, incidentals

  • $22: Alcohol
  • $5: Tim Horton’s (America runs on Dunkin, Canada runs on Tim Hortons)
  • $14: Ostrich curry. Tastes like beef.
  • $6: Poutine. Mmm, gravy and cheese curds.

Not bad for 3 days.