A catalog

Tomorrow I’m getting a new laptop. My data is backed up (obviously), but some things will be lost.

My list of Preferred networks is one of them. This listing documents the places I’ve been, and most networks contain a story.

Meeting_Street_Cafe: I was in there eating soup and hiding from my math homework.
SPIA-guest, HpHotel_01, Yosemite3: China travels?
CMCC, ChinaNet, vip3, TaoXianBoss: More China travels?
L’artisanCafe: Sat in there reading gender theory. Chyeahh.
AmtrakConnectStation: Censors my web access.
Moseley’s on the Charles: Tried to do work at Brown comp
BUDGET HOST INN 2, ibahn: ??? Cape cod?
MSFTGUEST: ;_; I had to use the guest network
attwifi, patricia1: what?
MBTA_WiFi_Car0610_Box219, and 3 others like it
Biltmore, gogoinflight, SEATAC-FREE-WIFI
safewaywifi, Tullys 4Free WiFI: Oh my gosh this was my reentry-into-society day from the wild. I was going around Redmond trying to put together an airplane breakfast.
ARCPII228, ii328: Awww Melissa!
QUGuest, Bobcatnet: Dweeeee
Washington Dulles WiFi: MS interview.
elliotbaycafe: First MS interview. Saw a talk about opera there. Felt less lonely there. Visited toy store nearby.
WestinGuestRooms: Always failed on me.
ives: Freshman summer, subletting from Megan.
UCONN-PUBLIC: trying to do work at UCONN dance competition.

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