One for the paper, two for the money

The song: BUYOU. The triple pun? Pretty killer. I’m a fan of this song for its topical relevance. You know (that is, as I know solely from hearsay and pretty shoddy reporting in wsj/The Atlantic/other news sources jumping on the “demise of men” bandwagon), females advancing past the males in their communities and being unable to find partners who match them in advancement.

1. Buyou: an accepted spelling for Bayou, where the problem’s probably quite significant
2. Buy you: Well, I guess Keri Hilson wants men to buy her stuff.
3. By you: Because, well, if you don’t buy her stuff, she’ll walk right by you.

[J. Cole]
I see ya, it’s hard not to see ya
face like Aaliyah plus a college degree-ah
climbing up the ladder at that full time job
how the hell you end up with a full time slob
I mean you been a ride a dine for him
paid for the dinner and the movie and the popcorn
how you figure it’s gon last, he just sit up on his ass
and play that damn x-box that you cop for him


Now see some articles about the demise of men, like this one: In response to the end of men.

What does this mean? I’ve been listening to music in the car again. That is all.

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