UI aughs

I am temporarily grouchy so I am going to complain about UI.

Chrome: new fade on tabs? It makes me think my eyes are going fuzzy, and I do not appreciate it.

Snipping tool: Maybe I’m daft, but if I don’t like my first snip, there isn’t a quick and easy ‘snip again’ option. Also, I can’t even draw a rectangle? I have to make people contend with my lysosome-shaped blobs? I swear I was able to draw rectangles on my machine at work;; maybe I need to update my version of snipping tool.

Zune browser: It seems that you do not know how to tell me that you cannot load a website. It’s ok! I’m a big girl. Just let me down easy–that is, just tell me before I waste time waiting for that last 1/2^nth of your progress bar to load. Flash a little red on the progress bar or something.


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