(the post is a list and I saw Liszt and Shostakovich this month)

  1. woke (this was quotidian)
  2. went grocery shopping (still need more potatoes and tofu and ginger; I’ll fetch that in the morning)
  3. went to dance class (jokingly proposed that they fly me out to dance in their Lindy formation team, despite my propensity to fall over
  4. came home, made stew and intended for it to simmer all afternoon on low
  5. reviewed “How to get to uber-comfort shoe store” directions, made plans with Dan Perelman, a friend (+ math team captain) in high school
  6. failed to find comfortable shoes at uber-comfort shoe store
  7. went to Molly Moon Ice Cream (ginger flavor is really too sweet / cucumber mint sorbet is B+ / guy at the counter either has a protocol to serve large groups first, or initially ignored me when I was in line)
  8. Had pretty good Afghan food with Dan (sorbet before dinner is also sorbet after dinner if you make meals circular)
  9. Went to the DSW at Northgate mall and encountered success! (Shoes that let my feet do their ridiculous thing)
  10. came home only to realize that, well, water that was not boiling in the first place — will not simmer on low; increased heat. (lovely bubbly)
  11. trolled
  12. was satisfied with the stew
  13. painted face, applied glitter, donned sequins
  14. went to the commons! Andrej did a great job with the music. Navigated badly, failing to realize that songs are no longer discrete and that no, it is not a social dance. stood on a table, briefly. talked, loudly. BAC 0.00, unlike the rest of the room. (confirmed: I can dance in 5 inch heels–feet, it’ll be ok–you’ll be in flats quite permanently starting tomorrow)
  15. now needs to do (13)^-1 and sleep

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