repost: prophetic (in retrospective)


In assemblies, fellow students, we sit in rows, quietly, respectfully, but problematically. Let us look to our left and to our right; arranged in straight lines, we can build relationships only with the people immediately next to us. Equality would certainly be achieved—with two friends assigned indiscriminately to every person, no one can be outcasted. Is this realistic? No, nor does it pretend to be so.
When we arrange ourselves to represent our actual relationships, that is, around our friends, we form clusters or circles. Most of you have experienced this phenomenon at school dances or other social function. Oftentimes, however, some people find no group—at school dances, there are those who wander forlornly, who desolately gaze though the ebullient crowd.

Once a nitwit, always a nitwit! Source: written in junior year, as a prompt; I forget what the prompt was, but I’m sure you could find out.

(This is so painful to read because, for one, I can’t tell if my writing now is better or worse, and second of all, as pressure increases, so does wordiness!)