hack hack hack

What ~$10 gets you at:

Asian Food Mart Whole Foods
  • Green Beans
  • Leafy things
  • Two huge peaches
  • Four even huger apples
  • Pack of frozen buns
  • 4 ordinary yogurts and one skyr superdense yogurt
  • Bag of cherries
  • One ear of corn

We chopped at blackberry growth for Intern Day of Caring. It’s pretty much like bamboo, but thorny, and with a giant starchy root that you must extract to eradicate (hah, hah) the growth. This appealed to my careful and persistent nature. (???)

I’d taken my bike into the shop for a gentle and subsidized tune-up (yes, interns can do it too), and the guy was like, “Oh, I hate blackberry. It’ll all be back in a year.” I got good vibes from the bike guy at Pedal Dynamics. Apparently the tube of my rear tire had bits of metal in it. Funny that the front tube got a leak (and during patching, was confirmed to be pristine save for two tiny holes), but the back tube had some serious shrapnel-business and didn’t have a leak.


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