Context: The standard-issue MS Desk Chair was intolerable for my back, and the standard-issue office “guest, hard seat so no one stays too long” chairs were even worse. After poking HR’s ergonomics team, a lovely Steelcase Leap Ergo chair was delivered to my office.

I sat. I adjusted. I fiddled. I twiddled.

The chair adjusts in every dimension except the two that I need: seat pitch (I lean forward forward) and back pitch (also needs to lean forward forward). I discovered that it was tolerable to sit on if I just sat on the edge of the seat: it kind of drops down in the forward incline that my pesky tailbone demands.

There is a problem: the seat can be raised, but it will not stay raised if I sit on it. So basically I have a $500-900 chair (according to Bing shopping) that doesn’t have adjustable height. Otherwise, it’s great.

In response, I sent this mail.

Hi <person’s name>,

I got the chair today – it looks great! However, it doesn’t seem to stay up (I lift the handle and stand slightly so that the seat rises, release the handle, sit down, and the seat falls back down). This is a problem because the chair’s only possible height, the lowest setting, is too low. I can’t find any solutions (or records of similar problems) online.

Is there any way someone could come to fix the chair?


I’m going to abstract this.


<something nice before I whine.>
<General description of situation>
<extremely precise, 7th grade science lab “how to make a peanut butter sandwich”-style description of situation>
<why situation is a bug, not a feature>
<steps I have taken to try to solve the problem myself>


<advance statement of gratitude>


(I realize that I could buy my own chair with like, a single day’s paycheck, and even afford to leave it here. But that would be much too rational.)

Chair problems aside, 2nd floor Andrews should consider this fair notification that I shall be dancing in my room next year. (thanks, MS! and also for the long sleeve t-shirt + picnic blanket that is so immediately useful because corpfridge my office is very cold, and also a space suitable for picnics) Please join!