three count observations

(title: three count –> east coast swing –> east coast; there are also three groups of observations)
Things that are refreshing to find:
  • People understand drainage. The lawns are just as green: they just don’t go squash when you attempt to walk across them and threaten to give your foot a mudbath.
  • Parking spots are generous (none of those spots marked ‘compact’) and I think signage is better? Like, I can tell which traffic light is for which lane. It is probably also a matter of familiarity.
  • There is diversity beyond white and Asian. There are like, (Southern European | African)-Americans! There are dialects! There are other body types! (and no performance fleece in sight)
Things that are simply different:
  • All the surfaces on my house are much lower, and in general it is darker. I think this is a matter of when the house was built (1960’s) and that we have lots of trees and drapes.
  • There is no 89.5 (commercial-free music, usually dancey), but I have WMNR, community arts radio, back, and they play actually interesting things. Today I heard Elgar’s Violin Concerto in b for the first time and I’m pretty enamored. There’s something enchanting about the descending minor-third doublestop (but I think mostly because it’s in the Walton viola concerto).
Things I sort of miss:
  • The sun. It is nearly totally dark at 8:30.
  • The dryness. It’s fairly muggy.
  • not the people, obviously, of course, not at all
My REI members’ dividend/reimbursement thingy came back! I am a pleasantly-surprised one-time hikelet.

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