mod by a large prime

4 hours of dance on a school day? Only at the beginning of the semester.

I brought back a drying rack because I have lots of floor space and an unwillingness to let my actions be limited by having to wait for an hourlong drying cycle. I took it out of the packaging today. It is huge! a small and very light child could probably sleep on top of it, and then a very very tiny puppy could use the legs as an ineffectual doghouse.

But when it lost a dimension, it made an awful clattering noise. Gosh I didn’t know projection was so jarring. I also had garments on the floor.

This afternoon I made my foot point in a pointier way that it ever had before. Normally it starts to cramp if I push my toes that far, but today it seemed to be ok with it. I don’t know why I care so much about my foot’s range of motion in that direction: I guess it’s because they’re so wide that I can’t really wear awesomeshoes in any practical setting.

(title: fairly random thoughts)


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