A trivial modification to the poof

This is the poof.

Step 1:

I got it last spring because I was terribly in love with the Edwardian lacy chemise look, and who knows if it is still ‘in fashion’ (if it’s not I can stand to wait the six months), but I found this at a thrift shop on Upper Hope street. Some might restore old houses at an excruciating pace; my plan was to slowly modify this garment until it conformed to the gossamer outlines of my imagination.

I think I asked my mom to fix the holes at the waist; today, I made my first changes to it.

one shoulder alteredThis chemise — negligee? — dress is for a bigger person. I openly admit to buying this piece of clothing that does not fit me. It’s ok! The length is good. The waist can be construed to be in the right place. (I think) So the first cosmetic change made to it was to narrow up the shoulders. Since this dress is sleeveless, narrowing the shoulders really could not be easier: the only possibly easier case would be if it were strapless, in which case there is nothing to do.

Sewing is hard for me because it’s all spatial reasoning: keeping track of which surface is the outside, how to keep stitches from showing, not forgetting which direction you’re stitching in, remembering which side you’re intending to push the excess fabric — and this is discovered by my having to, essentially, sew a 1cm line that stacks together a single strip of fabric bent in thirds, like flattening a Z into –.

As you can see, there is a bit of a puff by the ribs. This is also due to it being too big. Step 1 reveals step 2!


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