I think I need to get an iPod classic / nano so I stop using my Zune to stroll the internet in class.

Spent today washing sweaters and waterproofing shoes. Red sweater has been keeping me warm at night. Purple sweater was worn to bed on the floor. Black sweater (“bolero”) absorbed Delta Airlines, erstwhile cat, and flubbed interview questions.


This article is pretty cute.

I am reading it with my winter coat (of accompaniment, not means…): the coat is hanging onto my head via hood, the back is draping where it usually is, but the sleeves are inside the gap between my arms and body. Jacket hug!

The bachata music is helping also. I wasn’t listening carefully enough to know whether it was happy or not.

“Look left, look right, look left again, happy!” — Beijing opera workshop

Oh, and you should play this game.