implements runnable

Lessons learned are as follows:

1. Running in 33 degree weather is just fine. Running will totally warm up your hands and feet! at the 4th mile. It’s the first three where you worry that you’ll not have fingers or toes by the time you get back.

2. My lower abs hurt. I think this means I was finally not leaving my butt 6 inches behind my ribcage. Ow.

3. Carrying your keys is nice — they make a rhythmic shake. shake. that make you not focus on anything except the present — but not when they’re on an aluminum carabiner, little ratlike conductor of heat. Did not need a radiator for my hands tonight.

4. The left side of my body is simply less talented at pumping blood than the right side. The top of my left hand: the back, along the finger and thumb — were just hopelessly frozen, and my left foot’s toes felt frozen and jammed while my right hand and right foot were just fine.

I had this problem as a viola student quite a bit, but I know now that not all the Schradieck exercises in the world that Matthew prescribed were going to make my left hand as warm as my right — it had nothing to do with percussion against the fingerboard or relaxation around the bow: as show in running, this highly symmetric activity, it’s just the body being dumb.

5. You know what motivates me to run up hills? The knowledge that if I were to walk them, I’d get dangerously cold.

This is how 4 miles runs + 1 mile walks turn into 5 mile runs. I should probably start finding a bigger loop.

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