quelque danses

As a little kid, I did various things to amuse myself in the car, one of which was to guess how fast we were going;  I distinctly remember this conversation.

“How fast are we going now?”

“50.” (this is “fast but clearly not on an interstate highway”)


“The road’s not bumpy.”

Basically, instead of seeing relationships as [legislated speed] -> [quality of roads] -> [smoothness of ride] and [legislated speed] -> [actual speed], I went directly to [smoothness of ride] -> [actual speed]. Lots of reversed arrows.

(title was what was on WMNR on my way to buy more oatmeal)

Urbanized – Northwest Film Forum

Saw this last Friday, and memories have faded a little; nevertheless, I can report general impressions.

This film will make you so happy! So happy!

People of stately age and adorable face, speaking with passion and prestige dialects, using punchy lines (“so parked cars protect the cyclists instead of cyclists protecting the parked cars” // much applause), with touching anecdotes about old beloved trees cut down in nomine developmentis (may they rest — in pieces)…

I’ve lost track of my sentence. I really just wanted to hug and squeeze because cities are so beautiful and intricate, especially when they are lush like Brasilia (as awful as it is for people), or have a random giant yellow stuffed animal object, or a giant shiny bean with clumps of tourists everywhere.

And suburbs are their own kind of horrific beauty; the filmmakers chose a perfectly doughy and pitiable man to speak for Phoenix, AZ and declare his love for his 3/4 acre lot and swimming pool; they show lots of beautiful thin white-looking people enjoying themselves in the High Line, a lush elevated park in NYC and wistfully tell that Manhattan has been separated from its waterfront;

Not doing very well with the sentences.

Oh! You can cringe at the few frames of Masdar as well, a perfectly unsustainable “sustainable” school project in the middle of the desert. Bozos.

Here, have some cool artifacts, which are parts of a life-size charrette-like exercise / public art project (New Orleans):


Actually, you should just look at all of them, then see Urbanized. It will make you grinsforzando all over the place. And if you’re not near a showing, you can even watch it on iTunes! How convenient!

bounce bounce bounce


epilogistic snarking

1. I walked to the theater b/c it was in the pedshed(, yo)