you lousy licker of rotting barrels where muskrats of ill breeding have made their merry

I keep having these ridiculous thoughts / questions on Chinese characters, and they’re precipitating themselves into a new tumblr.

They’re ridiculous to the native learner/reader: Whereas normal use language for useful things, I just have visitation rights to the characters, so I see them in isolation, every other Saturday, then get carried away with taking them to the amusement park, feeding them lollies, and commit grand acts of story-interpretation.

For example: ‘sand’ (沙): sand, from a desert, where there is a paucity (少) of water (水)? They are things that I am pretty sure are false (少 just gives the sound, and we all know that sand requires water to abrade stone), but are silly and fun to me.

The name?

Illegitimate Puns (

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