Not just in software

You know that image with the client’s spec on the swing set, and what they actually needed was a tire swing? I just did that to my esthetician. 

me: “I guess I’d like a classic western brow. My natural arch is a bit close to the center of the face, so it would be great if you could push it farther out.”

her: [wax wax tweeze tweeze implement implement]

me: “Hmm, it still looks a bit thick. Can you bring down the top line?”


me: whinery, more vagueness about tilted rectangles and making them thinner

her: Let’s try it. They do grow back!

me: I don’t see a difference.

her: I just took off three rows of hairs!

< later, as she is powdering away the redness >

me: something clear, for the first time in the entire appointment

her: Oh! So you want a flatter, smoother brow! I thought you wanted a higher arch the whole time.


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