One like and one dislike

I dislike:

Overzealous automatic soap dispensers. When was the last time you wasted soap because you left the soap running? Never! Once in a while you get a really well-tuned automatic soap dispenser that gives you a reasonable blob of foam, and then doesn’t bother you for the rest of your hand washing, but most of them see a pair of hands and keep squirting and squirting and squirting.

I like:

Round things! Dopey large dogs, sheep, round hills (gasworks: A+), neatly trimmed shrubs — all make me grin.

I think it’s because I think they’d be fun to pet.

bonus like:

Jumbo eggs. They’re so much bigger than regular eggs (thanks, cubic relation!) and most have a double yolk. More luck and more cluck and eggs are delicious, etc. etc.