antioch 277 – sacred harp in Latin?

When I started putting Latin puns in my changelist descriptions, I realized that I had to channel those energies elsewhere.

Maybe I should translate something, I thought. Thing is, my Latin was never great, and is now next to nonexistent — Latin->English was always a struggle. On the other hand, English->Latin always felt more accessible, and I had some great (easy) source texts at my disposal — shape note songs.

Why are they easy? The texts are old, so most of the words exist. The texts are short, so I’ll actually finish. Moreover, they’re Protestant texts, so I’ll have some satisfaction of creating something original, vs putting English that had been translated from Latin back into (less elegant) Latin.

This song has three verses and the chorus after each verse; I’ll shorthand “Glory, Hallelujah” with “..”; google translate says that is “gloria alleluia” and I’ll take its word for it.

1: Scio redemptorem vivere [indirect statement!], ..
Quam solatium haec verbum est, ..

Chorus: Acclamate, adorate, ..
Surrectus est, inventus est, .. [a little loose here]

2: Vivit ut amore benedicat, .. [subjunctive of purpose]
Vivit ut in caelo placeat, .. [again!]

3. Vivit ut demones opprimat, .. [this line scans poorly]
Vivit nec non me inspirat, ..

I’m sure there are mistakes; feel free to let me know. I’ll also take requests, so that I may not (hah) spew dead languages at unsuspecting coworkers.