Reading Seattle #3 — Fremont Library

Date of visit: July 10, 2017

I got these books for my first week of being on call — actually, I went to get them the first week of being on call, because I figured I could run from the Fremont Library to my desk quickly enough.

I ate some work dinner afterwards.

The books:

No No Boy (John Okada): Lots of long sentences with repetition that reminded me of beat poetry. I get the idea that this book is taught a lot around here because it takes place in Seattle.

The Revenant (Michael Punke): A nice book about a bear! No, it’s a man on a fur expedition team who gets mauled by a bear, is left in the care of two teammates, one of whom is a sociopath and convinces the other to also leave him for dead; they steal his gun and knife, to boot. Miraculously, the guy makes it, powered by a desire for revenge.

Conrad & Eleanor (Jane Rogers): About a marriage where the woman is more successful in her work and where the man prefers being at home with the kids.

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (Mohsin Hamid): This is the one I chose to skip, but Phil read it and said it was good, but melancholy-inducing.