This page is to give more information than the README does.

even function: the third “incarnation” of “that thing I’ve been writing” since at least July 2004. That’s right: at the time of this writing, that’s about seven years ago, i.e. the summer before high school. It started on xanga, went to livejournal, and is finally on wordpress. The host changes are solely due to fashion.

Now, the livejournal entries are all here, but the xanga entries are not. Some of the livejournal entries are protected and remain so on wordpress.

Except for not playing viola or piano anymore, I don’t think I’ve changed that much. Or maybe I have, but my presentation hasn’t.

“that thing I’ve been writing”

It’s not quite a journal or a diary. It’s neither daily nor a description of the day’s events. So what is it? Cryptic little comments that may reflect on what’s been happening and building to the point at which I feel the need to write about it, I suppose. There are also just cool things I found on the internet (remember, this was the earlier days of social media, before facebook existed for high school students, and way before facebook made it easy and effective to share links).

Because it got its start in this spirit, this thing doesn’t intend to have a theme. I may sprout a blog dedicated to a specific topic later on, but haven’t yet.

The comments I make

I am a in the intersection of many subsets of society: student at a particular university, graduate from a particular high school, employee of a particular company, member of a particular ethnic group, speaker of particular languages, identifier of a certain gender, inhabiter of certain socioeconomic strata. I am an enthusiast for certain sorts of socializing, lover of certain people, friend of yet others; the list goes on.

However, the comments expressed in the entries are not to be taken as representative of the views of any of these subsets, except the one that is comprised of solely myself, and I implore you to avoid generalization. This is especially important if you have just read an entry that you find repugnant or difficult to reconcile with existing beliefs.

Concrete but far-fetched example: I kvetch about toilets in this entry. I wear a size 37 shoe. Don’t go off thinking, “Man, those size 37-shoers sure are picky about toilets.” And then next time you’re in the queue to use the toilets, definitely avoid thoughts like “Dang, the person in front of me is wearing a size 37 shoe. I have x-ray vision. I bet he’s going to take forever because he’ll be using the toilet and thinking about how it’s badly designed. I should probably cut this guy in line.”

It’s true: my belonging to these subsets affects how I see myself and the world, but ultimately, my experiences shape my identity, choices, and expression. It would be silly to say that everyone in any of the larger subsets has had the same experiences as I have, though it would probably correct to say that belonging to the same subset makes it more likely that a given individual has had similar experiences.

The search box

The search box is titled “Inversion” because basic search is built on inverted indices.

Dec. 2014 edit: This is still mostly true. Originally published in May 2011.


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