In the Dark

I went to Boston Tea Party at the start of Spring Break — really fantastic.

I was making comparisons all over the place between it and ballroom competitions, and a good way to sum it up may be via four factors: instruction, competition, social dance, glitter.

I’m not saying this is a fair comparison at all, nor do I even want to decide which is better, but it’s kind of fun to do. I also had this crackpot WCS : Lindy : Balboa :: American : International : Argentine, but I certainly don’t think there is any deep meaning.

Ballroom Competition Swing Convention
Instruction  None, really, except from other team members when you suddenly forget how to do a such and such.  4 hours a day, world-class instructors. I often found it hard to decide which lesson to go to.
Competition  This is the primary purpose! You dance for 90 seconds with your preassigned partner (unless you danced TBA); may not dance again.  “Jack and Jills” – I think it’s slightly longer. Randomized partnerings; you pair up and a die is tossed to determine how many partners you move down. I think everyone gets at least 2 shots (music of varying tempos, etc)
Social Dance  Fun dance! Um, sometimes there may be a random social dance thrown in, on the order of one or two songs.  12-6am. This is where I learned that I have a lot lot lot lot lot of work to do on WCS and even more on Lindy.
Glitter  Glitter, spray-tan, hairspray. Baby polar bears from the 1970s cry.  Not very much! There is some hair-whipping and red lips. Men are fairly pasty.

But I wanted to repost an entry (previously posted privately, more or less) from about this time last year. Some things have changed, but most things have not.

title: it’s a Dev song. [“on my waist, through my hair,” not “optimize last”]

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